Monthly Update & Income Report – November 2016

Well, October was tough. But November was even tougher. This isn’t a complaint. I’m just staring the hard truth in the face. Does it mean that it’s the beginning of the end? Hell no. It just means that we need to keep fighting and reinvent ourselves. More on this below. Key Numbers Situation Nothing has […]

Income Report October 2016

Monthly Update & Income Report – October 2016

It’s been a whole month already since our last monthly update and income report. This is very cliché, but time flies. This month has been tough for us for a few reasons, more details below. Key Numbers Situation We are now four people, working with five different clients. Gross Profit Gross profit is the difference […]

Slices Update and Income Report September 2016

Monthly Update & Income Report – September 2016

There’s a lot of BS surrounding entrepreneurship. Launching a startup is sexy. Being an entrepreneur is even sexier. Who wouldn’t want a six-figure salary, a team of minions to execute your idea and an office in San Francisco? The reality is different from the fiction portrayed out there. Launching a business is really tough. Running […]


Why I Built A Remote Business (And Why You Should, Too)

My dad has a tough time understanding how we’re able to collaborate without being in the same room. I could have kept consulting on my own, handling a few clients from Ireland, paying myself a nice salary and live a “normal” life. That wasn’t for me. I wanted to go all-in. A few books changed my life. “Remote” […]


€0 To €84k As A First-Time Consultant: A No-BS guide To Do The Same

I haven’t written a blog post in more than a year. It’s been a busy year. In one year, I went from a one-man show with €0 in revenue to a great team of 3 with €84k in revenue. I have a newfound respect for you entrepreneurs. The people who have been doing this for […]

Validating my business idea by potential customers: how I did it

Only three weeks have passed since I last published an article on this blog, and yet so many things have happened. It is amazing how time flies when you do things you love. Today, it’s time to go through what I have been doing from this point in time until today. If you are thinking […]