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Boost your online sales by reading your visitors' minds.

Slices Consulting help you to sell more online by understanding your online audience and creating a relevant digital experience. Watch the quick video below to find out how. No need to turn on your speakers.

Bring traffic to your website.

We make the most out of it.

Slices Consulting help businesses to boost their online sales by making the most out of their website visitors. It was founded by Louis Grenier (picture) in 2015 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Our services include:

  • conversion optimisation
  • funnel optimisation
  • landing pages
  • A/B testing
  • email marketing
  • website personalisation

“The amount of enquiries we received online increased by 115%...

...with the same amount of visitors."

John O'Toole, Director of C.M.I.

What our clients are saying

“What I liked the most was how Slices Consulting tailored their services to match our exact requirements and that they went the extra mile to help ensure we got what we wanted.”

Richie Spencer, Founder

“Slices Consulting’s guidance and insights were invaluable to us when developing the website for the Lifetime Toy Company. We regretted not having their expertise to tap into at the outset of the site development but their contribution was eye opening for us and the difference between a “good looking” site and a commercially viable site.”

Mark Richardson, Owner

“Slices Consulting have a rare and exceptional breadth of knowledge in digital marketing and conversion optimisation. In addition to their overall knowledge they are also passionate, honest and fun people to work with. They always bring something new and unique to the table each and every time.”

Conor McAleavey, Managing Director

“Slices Consulting actually care about people’s businesses and how they perform. They keep ahead of the curve in terms of optimisation practices. They have a very good positive attitude that shines through their work and that have a great impact on my clients’ online sales.”

Eimear McCormack, Founder